The Stories

"A King in Exile" by Bridget McKenna  
Lady Penelope Smythe-Everton, a nineteenth century British aristocrat with a penchant for adventures to exotic locales, leads an unconventional life. When she brings home a very curious egg from one such excursion, the unconventional becomes...unique.

"Echoes of Earth" by D.J. Gelner  
Tentacle-laden aliens abduct family man Bill when he steps out for an evening jog. He awakens powerless, not in the pulp-classic alien embrace, but displayed in an interstellar zoo and tormented by the diverse alien species that pass through.

"Bestiarum" by Sarah Stegall  
Humanity's last survivors hurtle toward a barely-habitable planet light years away in a failing lifeboat, stressed from generations of wear-and-tear. When Zookeeper Thimet meets a group of schoolchildren in the ship's Bestiarum, one little girl's curiosity gets the better of her. What dangerous secret has Thimet been hiding for decades...?

"Ignoble Deeds" by A.C. Smyth  
In the 2030′s, Paliakis fields allow ghosts hunters, entrepreneurs, and spiritualists to capture ghosts. Lila has her own reason for infiltrating Spook Zoo, a disquieting errand to bring her elderly mother peace.

"At Home in the Stars" by S.E. Batt  
When two manicure-loving, jacuzzi-seeking, pink cadillac-admiring friends tangle with the alien masters of the galaxy, who wins? The ladies? The aliens? Or good ol' human nature?

"The Most Dangerous Lies" by Ken Furie  
A new zoo puts some of history's most evil monsters on display for the public to see in the flesh, but is their newest addition - Jack the Ripper - too dangerous to be left to his own devices?

"Playing Man" by Scott Dyson
Corporate executive Jordem Lun revisits Earth during his annual vacation. Maintained as a vast safari preserve, the old home planet displays gorgeous scenery and breathtaking wildlife. But something mysterious acts in its shadows.

"You'll Be So Happy, My Dear" by John Hindmarsh  
An inexperienced starfarer seeks local help when her spaceship malfunctions near a backwater planet. The most prominent ad on the internet directs her to just the right repair shop. Or does it?

"Skipdrive" by Morgan Johnson  
Alien leviathans, discovered floating in space beyond the orbit of Neptune, provoke a “space race” between the competing nations of Earth. Maintenance Chief Eliza, half-cyborg and immune to the strange side effects of the skipdrive, suspects that the first ship on the scene – hers – just made a very big mistake.

"Demon Rising" by R.S. McCoy  
A monster lives under little Katherine’s bed. She knows he means her no harm, but would anyone else agree?

"Your Day at the Zoo" by Frances Stewart  
What if you inhabited the consciousness of a great cat or a lazily coiled serpent or a great ape for just one day? What would it be like?

"Serpent's Foe" by J.M. Ney-Grimm  
Bastet, divine protectress of the gods themselves, lies defeated in a cage. Trapped in beast form, imprisoned behind bars, and confused by nightmares, she longs for freedom.

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