Exotic Worlds, Unique Exhibits

From a ghost park to a time-travel penitentiary of murderers to a menagerie of Egyptian deities, Quantum Zoo presents 12 compelling stories involving 12 very different living exhibitions. Including a wonderfully atmospheric tale by Hugo- and Nebula-nominated Bridget McKenna.
"Skipdrive": Alien leviathans, discovered floating in space beyond the orbit of Neptune, provoke a “space race” between the competing nations of Earth. Maintainance Chief Eliza, half-cyborg and immune to the strange side effects of the skipdrive, suspects that the first ship on the scene – hers – just made a very big mistake.

"Demon Rising": A monster lives under little Katherine’s bed. She knows he means her no harm, but would anyone else agree?

"Playing Man": Corporate executive Jordem Lun revisits Earth during his annual vacation. Maintained as a vast safari preserve, the old home planet displays gorgeous scenery and breathtaking wildlife, but something mysterious acts in its shadows.

"Serpent's Foe": Bastet, divine protectress of the gods themselves, lies defeated in a cage. Trapped in beast form, imprisoned behind bars, and confused by nightmares, she longs for freedom.

"Echoes of Earth": Tentacle-laden aliens abduct family man Bill when he steps out for an evening jog. He awakens powerless, not in the pulp-classic alien embrace, but displayed in an interstellar zoo and tormented by the diverse alien species that pass through.

All these plus A.C. Smyth's "Ignoble Deeds," Ken Furie's "The Most Dangerous Lies," and more.

Visit 12 exotic worlds on a thrilling ride through Quantum Zoo. Get your ticket now!

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  1. Thank you, D.J. Gelner, J.M. Ney-Grimm, and authors. Your anthology sounds like a fine read.

    Got a question for you. What gave you the idea for "Quantam Zoo"? Also, do you plan to make this the first of a series?

    Good luck with the release!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Mary Anne.

      Inspiration for the theme of the anthology came from a story I was longing to write that involved a "zoo" of constellations. Luckily, when I talked it over with D.J., he liked the idea of using zoo as the writing prompt for SFF stories!

      The title idea derives from the quantum foam of particle physics. Down at the very smallest level of the universe - where quarks tunnel the fabric of reality - anything can happen.

      The stories in Quantum Zoo explore the events that transpire when any kind of zoo can happen!

      Ironically, the story that sparked the idea for this project - Devouring Light - grew too long to include! It is published solo as a novella, and I wrote another story (that I also longed to tell) for Quantum Zoo: "Serpent's Foe."

  2. This looks great! Thank you RS for the info!!!

  3. We're aiming to release June 17, so the big day is getting close! Hope you early birds enjoy it!